Terms & Conditions

1 Application
These general terms and conditions apply to all registrations for GROUP DUTCH COURSES, booked by students with Zamaradi Communications, and are applicable from the moment that the student registers (through the website, by e-mail, by phone or face to face) for one or more courses.

2 Courses

2.1 All our courses take place at our location in the Quarter Plaza building (Transformatorweg 104, 1014 AK Amsterdam). If one or more classes cannot take place at Quarter Plaza, the student will receive a timely notification of the location change.

2.2 Our courses are divided into nine different proficiency levels. When a student, who has not participated in a Dutch course at Zamaradi Communications (but, for example, has participated in a Dutch course at another school, or has studied Dutch by themselves), goes through the enrolment process, this student will always be invited on the enrolment page to check which level suits him/her best. If the student is not sure, he/she can contact Zamaradi Communications to find out which level is most suitable. Registering for a level is always at the student’s own risk. If it turns out during the course that the chosen level is either too easy or too difficult, it is not possible to change the registration.

2.3 In case a student misses one or more classes, this is at their own risk. Zamaradi Communications is in no way obliged to give a refund of the lesson fee.

3 Payment

3.1 The payment of the courses takes place via the website (www.zamaradi.nl) or in cash. When the student registers on the website, the enrolment is definite from the moment of payment. When the student wishes to pay cash, he/she can make an appointment at the school, and the enrolment will be definite from the moment of payment.

3.2 The standard fee to participate in a course is €149 per level. However, in some cases Zamaradi Communications shall offer a discount on the course fee. The discount can apply to a specific student and/or to a specific course period or discount period, and no rights may be derived from it.

4 Cancellation by the student

4.1 In case the student registers for a course 16 days or more prior to the starting date of the course, he/she has a legal right of withdrawal for 14 days. If a student in this period decides to withdraw, he/she shall notify Zamaradi Communications by e-mail or in writing. In that case, the student can receive a complete refund of the course fee. After 14 days, it is no longer possible to cancel the registration, but under conditions as specified in 6.1 it is possible to change the registration to another course.

4.2 In case the student registers for a course 0 to 16 days prior to the starting date of the course, they waive their right to cancel their registration. However, under conditions as specified in 6.1 it is possible to change the registration to another course.

5 Cancellation by Zamaradi Communications

5.1 If the teacher of the course is not able to teach due to unforeseen circumstances, and there is no substitute teacher available, the cancelled class or classes will be rescheduled in consultation with the group. If the student has substantial reasons for not being able to attend on the new date, he/she will receive a refund of the missed class or classes.

6 Changing of registration to another course

6.1 When the student has registered for a course, but is unable to join the course in the week that he/she has signed up for, it is possible to change the registration to a course of the same level that is taking place in another week, provided: i) there is still a spot available in the week of the student’s choice; ii) the student has informed the school in writing or per e-mail at least 7 days prior to the starting date of the course that he/she will not be able to attend; iii) the student has not changed this registration before; iv) the student has paid the normal lesson fee of €149 for the course. In case the student has paid a special discount fee for the course, it is not possible to change the registration.

6.2 It is possible for the student to transfer their registration to someone else, provided that the student sends an e-mail to info@zamaradi.nl before the starting date of the course, mentioning the details of the new student (i.e. first and surname, address, e-mail address, phone number and nationality).

Note: Zamaradi Communications can never play a role in finding someone to take over the place of the student, or in transferring the payment to the new student.

7 Privacy

 7.1 Zamaradi Communication will solely use the student’s details for the following purposes: i) processing enrolment; ii) sending relevant information to the student; iii) sending special offers that may be of interest to the student. More information about how Zamaradi Communications processes the student’s details can be found in the privacy statement.

7.2 Zamaradi Communications will never share the student’s personal information with a third party.

7.3 Zamaradi Communications may create photo and video footage during classes and other activities that are initiated by Zamaradi Communications. This footage might be used for promotional purposes. If the student does not agree with this, he/she can communicate this beforethe beginning of the course or activity. 

8 Liability

8.1 If the student is younger than 18 years old, he/she shall hand over a written statement, signed by his/her adult caregiver, in which the caregiver gives permission to the student to participate in the course, and declares to take on full responsibility and liability for the student.  

8.2 Zamaradi Communications shall not be liable to loss of or any damage to the student’s personal belongings.

8.3 It is the student’s own responsibility to choose the course that is suitable for the student’s intended result (see 2.2), as well as it is the student’s own responsibility to invest the time needed to achieve the intended results. Zamaradi Communications will not be held accountable for not achieving any intended results.