Intermediate Dutch Courses
A2 - B1

Dive deeper into the language in the Intermediate Dutch Courses

After completing the Beginners Levels, you are ready for the next step. Now that your vocabulary is on point, and you know everything about building sentences in Dutch, it is time to dive a little deeper into the language. That is what we will do in the Intermediate Dutch Courses.

We will start every class with a speaking exercise to warm up. Throughout Levels 4, 5 and 6 you will learn to speak and write about various topics. You will read interesting and diverse texts, and do fun and challenging homework exercises.

During your progress in the Intermediate Dutch Courses, you will get a deeper connection with the language, and you will start noticing that it will get easier to express yourself.  You will find yourself speaking Dutch in the Albert Heijn, at the coffee machine at work or at the birthday party of your Dutch neighbour. You will be able to watch Dutch movies, listen to the radio and read a book in Dutch. With this deeper understanding of the language a deeper understanding of the Dutch lifestyle in general comes as well.

All intensive courses take place online, and they take one week per level. This means that you can finish the Intermediate Dutch Courses in three weeks, either consecutively or with breaks in-between. 
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Why people choose Zamaradi

Small Groups

In groups of 3 to 6 students, you will get all the personal attention that you need.


Together we create an open atmosphere, where you can feel at ease.

Affordable pricing

…with sustainable results. Intensive courses for only €149 per level.


New courses are starting every week, throughout the whole year.

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