Online Intensive Dutch Courses

Are you ready to start your Dutch adventure, or to take your Dutch skills to the next level? Are you looking for a school where you can learn a lot in a short amount of time but with long-lasting results? Would you like to learn Dutch in a fun and understandable manner, under the guidance of an experienced and involved teacher, from the comfort of your own home or office? Then Zamaradi Dutch Courses might be the right school for you!

My name is Emeraude van Deenen, and I cannot wait to welcome you in one of my Online Intensive Dutch Courses. In my work as a Dutch teacher, I combine two of my biggest interests: The Dutch language and lifestyle, and meeting people from all over the world to share stories and joyful moments.

Intensive online classes in a small group

The online courses at Zamaradi have a maximum of six students, and all the courses are intensive. Participating in an intensive Dutch course means that you will be able to learn a lot in a short amount of time, from which you will benefit the rest of your life. The intimate setting provides a cosy atmosphere, in which you can feel free to ask questions, to practise and to be yourself.

Intensive Dutch Course

For only 149,- p/week

Intensive Dutch Course

Intensive Dutch Courses

Why choose for an online intensive Dutch course?

1. Increase exposure for rapid results
In order to truly learn a language, it is best when you are completely immersed in it. That is why an intensive Dutch course works so well. When you are working with the language on a daily basis, inside and outside of the class, this helps your brain to get used to the new sounds, words and structures quickly.
Intensive learning also helps you to see results quickly, something that is very important when you are learning a language. It allows you to put your skills into practice straight away.

2. Start implementing your learnings from the very beginning
What a wonderful feeling it is, to be able to have little conversations and to understand so much more of what is going on around you, after just one course week. After a couple of weeks, you have already built a relationship with the Dutch language, you are becoming more and more free in the way of expressing yourself. And if you are planning to take all levels, you will probably not even remember that you did not speak Dutch at all, a few months before!

Enjoy a friendly class atmosphere with your teacher and fellow-students
As a Dutch teacher, I have years of experience with different forms of teaching. But for me, there is nothing like an intensive Dutch course. Because we get to see each other on the screen on a daily basis, I feel like we are able to build a warm connection amongst each other. With that, we do not only have a lot of laughs and fun, but it also creates a relaxed learning atmosphere, where everyone can feel at ease. On top of that, you will be following the online classes from your own environment, which will help you to feel comfortable.

Choose your Dutch course in Amsterdam

Beginners Dutch Courses

Let’s kick-start your Dutch journey together! Levels 1, 2 and 3 will take you from complete beginners to A2.

Intermediate Dutch Courses

It is time to dive a little deeper into the language. Levels 4, 5 and 6 will help you to work towards B1.

Advanced Dutch Courses

Are you ready to become fluent in Dutch? The Advanced levels will make you an expert in the Dutch language.

Why people choose Zamaradi

Intensive Dutch Course

Small Groups

In groups of 3 to 6 students, you will get all the personal attention that you need.

Intensive Dutch Course


New courses are starting every month, which you can join from the comfort of your own home.

Intensive Dutch Course

Affordable pricing

…with sustainable results. Intensive Dutch Courses for only €149 per level.

Intensive Dutch Course


The exclusive setting gives us the opportunity to learn fast. We are involved in each other's growth.

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