Online Dutch Labs

The Dutch labs at Zamaradi are online workshops in which you can practice speaking or specific grammar topics. There are 2 types of labs: Grammar Labs and Speaking Labs. 

In the Grammar Labs, we will focus on specific grammar topics. In these labs, there will be a little less interaction, but there will be a lot of grammar exercises. There will also be space to ask questions about the grammar that we are discussing.
The Grammar Labs take 2 hours and the costs are €20 for one session.

In the Speaking Labs, there is a maximum of 6 students, to make sure that everyone gets enough time to speak. The topics will differ per level.
The speaking labs take 2 hours, the maximum number of students is 6 and the costs are €30 for one session.

All Dutch Labs take place in a virtual classroom, you can find more information here. This means that you can join the classes from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are located. Please take into account that the timetable is according to the Amsterdam timezone. If you are located elsewhere, you can use a timezone converter to calculate the time.

Below you can enroll for one or more Dutch Labs. 

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Dutch Lab & Date
Open Spots
Speaking Lab: Beginners (Level 1 and up) | May 11 | 14.00-16.00h
Speaking Lab: Intermediate (Level 4 and up) | May 12 | 14.00-16.00h