Dutch Speaking Labs

Do you want to practice your Dutch when you are in between courses? Join one of Zamaradi’s online Dutch Speaking Labs!

In a Dutch Speaking Lab(oratory), you can test and improve your speaking skills in a safe environment, which will make conversations in the “real world” easier.
The Speaking Labs are individual lessons (so you don’t have to book an entire course!). A Speaking Lab lasts 1 hour and costs €15. As always, there is a maximum of 6 students in the class. There are four different levels:

* Speaking Lab 1 & 2: for students who have completed level 1 and/or 2;
* Speaking Lab 3 & 4: for students who have completed level 3 and/or 4;
* Speaking Lab 5 & 6: for students who have completed level 5 and/or 6;
* Speaking Lab Advanced: for students who have done the Gevorderden and/or Specialisten course.

To celebrate the comeback of the Speaking Labs, we have a special promotion for you!
After you participate in a speaking lab this spring, you will receive a voucher for a €15 discount that you can use for an intensive group course. This promotion will run until June 30 (2022), with a maximum of 2 vouchers per student.

All classes take place online, on Zoom. Below you can enroll for one or more Dutch Labs. 

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