Cross Cultural Communication Workshop

A workshop where you learn cultural do’s & don’ts

The workshop

Together with Anita Lottse, an old participant of Zamaradi Dutch Courses and a certified coach at Feedback Training & Consulting, we developed a workshop where you will learn to recognize the differences between cultures!

What will you gain?

You will learn to respond successfully to the differences in behaviour and will align communication with your conversation partner. You will maintain the connection and reach your goals in a way that is both good for you and the other person. In these two hours you will know more about:

  • What is culture?
  • What are the most important cultural differences / similarities between you and the people you are dealing with?
  • How to build bridges between cultural differences?
  • What are other cross-cultural do’s and don’ts related specifically to your work environment?
Dealing with different cultures leads to enrichment but can sometimes also involve miscommunication. Preventing this and working/studying together effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds is the focus point of this workshop.

Introducing: Anita Lottse

Hi! I am Anita Lottse and I have also followed a course at Zamaradi! Furthermore, living, working and studying in The Netherlands, Austria, Bulgaria and Russia, urged my interest in communication and negotiation pattern’ systems in diverse world cultures.

As a multicultural trainer, coach and (business) journalist, I have broad expertise in facilitating and understanding culturally diverse groups. Establishing commitment, dealing with cultural resistance, creating a safe environment of stepping out of a comfort zone have become my areas of competence. I do it by using my empathy and awareness as well as by working without judgment.

My passion

My heart belongs to cross-cultural communication challenges, thus focusing my work on resolving how to handle cultural differences. In our increasingly international world it is inevitable that people are collaborating with diverse cultures. Yet the process of connecting is often difficult. Especially when you gather people together, who come from different parts of the world, the outcome can be unpredictable.

My expertise and passion lie in shifting such outcomes into a productive direction. How? By empowering individuals and organisations to reach their full potential through mastering an art of effective (non)verbal communication.

This training offers a great variety of cultural insights and especially practical guidance on how to be more effective in reaching your goals in cross cultural project.
Februari 2020
Nice way of presenting. Good examples of cultural differences and effects in intercultural communication. Interesting experiences from the group.
November 2019
In particular, the difference in communication methods and the small area where ‘our’ familiar way of communicating connects was a real eye-opener.
November 2019

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🗓️ 16th April 2020 🕕 18:00 till 20:00
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