Advanced Dutch Courses
B1 - B2+

Fine-tune your Dutch towards fluency in the Advanced Dutch Courses

In the Advanced Dutch Courses, we will fine-tune your Dutch together towards fluency. 
The Advanced Courses at Zamaradi are taught completely in Dutch and have a unique set-up, which allows each student to become fluent in Dutch.

In the Dutch Beginners Courses (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and the Intermediate Dutch Courses (Levels 4, 5 and 6), we work with a fixed curriculum, so that you learn all the important grammar topics in the Dutch language.
The Advanced Dutch Courses are divided into 2 levels, without a fixed curriculum: Gevorderden and Specialisten. You can participate in them as often as necessary.

All intensive courses take place online, and they take one week per level. The Advanced Dutch Courses are taught completely in Dutch. If you are not sure which level would suit you best, please click on the button below.
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The Gevorderden level is all about implementing everything that you have learnt to a next level. Understanding a grammar structure is one thing, using it effortlessly whilst speaking is another! The classes in the Gevorderden level consist of grammar exercises (both speaking and writing), of conversation exercises in which we talk about a variety of topics (from the Dutch culture to the latest news), and of obtaining new vocabulary. The homework exercises consist of reading suitable texts and of writing paragraphs on various topics. The Gevorderden level takes place once per month and the content is different each time so that you can participate in it until you are ready for the Specialisten level.


At the Specialisten level, we will ‘de puntjes op de i zetten’ (put on the finishing touch). When you register for the Specialisten level, we will first do an intake to check if your listening and speaking skills meet the requirements. The course will suit you if you are at B2 level or higher, and is aimed at perfectionating your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills. The classes in the Specialisten level consist of conversations and discussions about difficult topics; learning how to express yourself in challenging situations; listening exercises at a high level. The homework exercises consist of reading challenging texts and extensive writing exercises. The Specialisten level takes place once per 1-2 months and the content is different each time so that you can come back to maintain your Dutch level.

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Small Groups

In groups of 3 to 6 students, you will get all the personal attention that you need.


Together we create an open atmosphere, where you can feel at ease.

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…with sustainable results. Intensive courses for only €149 per level.


New courses are starting every week, throughout the whole year.

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